Artis Fauna S.L. is a taxidermy company sited in Lebrija (Seville). We have an experience of more than 35 years, and we are especialized in mounting natural mammals from all over the world, either their heads or complete animals. Our specialties are big sized mammals such as elephants, giraffes or rhinoceros, to mention a few...

We are a step ahead in the techniques used in the naturalization process, because we are constantly renewing our systems and investigating.

To provide our animals with a real image, we also depict, in an artificial way, all kinds of environments: mountains, trees, snow, ice, water and so on. We also reconstruct completely artificial pachyderms and endangered species, as orangutans, takins, okapi, rhinoceros, etc. All of them real-life size.

Besides these artificial mammals, we also carry out big synthetic life-size reptiels, such as anaconda, python, boa constrictor, crocodiles, ...

We can assure you that all our items have a super quality and they are labelled to have a "museum ending"


From Artis Fauna Sl we appreciate your interest and wish you a happy visit

Fdo. Salvatore Rabito Dr Gerente

Artis Fauna, S.L. Caza y Safari




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